Hot Slots At Vegas Spins

Hot Slots At Vegas Spins

Enjoy a massive selection of the latest slots at Vegas Spins Casino! Start spinning the new games and reel in big money wins! The newest slot games have the most alluring and fascinating themes! But they also range in various free spins, bonus rounds, symbols and cash wins! Vegas Spins ensures that you have the best online slot games from the world’s leading game providers. Let’s check out the new pokies!

Temple of Ausar

Everyone enjoys a bit of history. Temple of Ausar slots takes you into the shrine dedicated to the god of the afterlife, underworld and dead. The god who is also capable of transition and resurrection. This slot game revolves around 5 reels and 25 paylines. Powered by the iconic Eyecon, this game comprises of a wild symbol that awards 9,500 coins for a five-symbol combination. Play the Gamble Bonus feature and double up your wins! The Free Spins feature is activated by landing three or more scatters, where you are rewarded with 15 free spins to play!

Volcano Eruption

Set in the middle of the Pacific Forest, where exotic animals roam, hike your way into the volcano pipe if you dare to claim your wins. Volcano Eruption slots is a 5 reel and 25 payline slot game where you get to benefit from respins. Re spins are awarded on activating the Eruption Bonus Feature where you land scatters on the three middle reels. The game comes to life when the volcano erupts on the middle reels into an expanding wild. This feature can award you with 5x your stake! Let the adventurer in you explore the wonderful reels!

Enjoy the other latest online slot releases which also comprise of exiting features and free spins bonus rounds like: Diamonds Delight slots, Jack In The Box slots, Moji Money slots, Magicious slots, Spectra slots, Beetle Jewels slots and more!

Dominic LoRiggio- Man with The Golden Arm

Dominic LoRiggio- Man with The Golden Arm

The “Denominator” and “The Man with The Golden Arm” are the names Dominic LoRiggio also goes by. He took craps courses when he was younger and later developed it. Through years of practice, he learnt “controlled shooting.” This technique helped him get the rolls/results he needed to land in a game of craps. Which resulted in winning.

The Winning Technique

The method involved setting the dice in a certain way;

  • Holding them precisely.
  • Tossing them so they stay together.
  • Having them land against the back wall of the craps table gently.

How He Began His Streak

He began with a dice expert in a team known as the Rosebud. Together, they were the first to attack the Vegas strip with their unique way of shooting. Till this day, many people think that controlling the dice while shooting is impossible. Dominic says that it is possible with a simple understanding of physics.

Dominic eventually left the group because he felt their adherence and low betting was stopping him from making some money. He later teamed up with famous punter and writer, Frank Scoblete. By using his controlled shooting, the duo claimed thousands of dollars at a number of casinos.

Although Dominic’s tactics were not illegal, thanks to him a lot of casinos now identify controlled shooters by having them roll the dice once or twice. Dominic now conducts dice throwing lessons to anyone who would like to learn. After all, it’s not one of the hardest games to master.

Mystery Brit Wins $1.75 Million In Las Vegas

Mystery Brit Wins $1.75 Million In Las Vegas

A very lucky British man has revealed a secret filming of his jackpot winning spree in Las Vegas while spinning $5,000 on a slot machine. The video that is shared online, shows a player by the name of Nick laughing to himself as he gets lucky four times on ending his spree with $1.75 million.

The streak that happened in the Aria Casino resort can be seen towering above Las Vegas.  This video begins with the high roller punter smiling next to the slot machine. He’s showing that the slot machine just paid out $1 million.  Nick then points to the winning combo and says “3 white sevens. $1 million… Lovely.”

He laughs, then before the camera cuts, another jackpot payout. This time you can see him collecting an additional $400,000.  You can hear someone asking him what time it is and he says “7:30am.” The video then continues to show Nick winning two more huge payouts. His final win then comes in and he says “lovely jubbly” to another $400,000 win.

When Nick manages to reel in his third and fourth win, his female friend can be heard chuckling in the background. The date this video was filmed cannot be determined, but is very genuine. As filming is banned in most Las Vegas casinos, some don’t mind punters showing off big wins as it is great publicity.

It’s your time to win big at Vegas Spins. Start spinning any of the progressive slots for your chance to pocket a massive win! Check out the hot bonuses and let lady luck come your way.

Las Vegas Hotels Undergoing Renovations

Las Vegas Hotels Undergoing Renovations

If you’re planning to go holidaying in Las Vegas, then you’ll be more than pleased to know that eight hotels on the Strip, are due to undergo renovations. Eight hotels and over thousands of hotel rooms are getting upgraded to more classy and luxurious suites.

Where Are The Investments Taking Place?

In total, there are 9,000 rooms that will undergo the upgrade and over $500 million is being invested in this change. Renovations will take place before the end of the year at the famous hotels. The hotels that are going through massive changes are:

  1. Monte Carlo,
  2. Flamingo
  3. Planet Hollywood Resort
  4. Caesars Palace
  5. Harrah’s
  6. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
  7. Bally’s
  8. Palazzo

Caesars Entertainment Corp has led the way and has invested $350 million in upgrading 4,500 rooms this year. During the last two weeks, they announced the completion of renovation of 1,181 rooms at the Palace Tower. Cosmopolitan is currently undergoing changes in about 2,800 at the cost of $150 million while the Palazzo will be done upgrading 2,876 rooms by January.

Why Are They Undergoing This Massive Change?

The renovations work is because of the hotel occupancy and room rates that continue to rise along, the Strip. Occupancy was at 92% from January 2017 to August 2017. This change means that the hotels will charge more per room and will offer a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Loyal customers have a chance to stay in the new rooms if they have enough loyalty points.

If you’re off to Las Vegas, you have a better chance to stay in luxurious rooms with more entertainment and enjoy a lovely cocktail!

Cockroach Racing: Worst Gambling Game

Cockroach Racing: Worst Gambling Game

The classics of casino gaming such as: slots, roulette, craps, poker, blackjack and so on are established masters of the industry. While the popularity of them still live on, there are no signs that they will slow down. However, there are newly invented games that have not taken off.

In most cases, some gambling venues have given rise to the unusual games that have high stakes. They might make you cringe, but this is the reality of 20th century gambling.

What Unusual Games Are They?

Two words. Cockroach racing! While this makes you cringe, other places are known to have rat roulette as a featured event. Not many casinos have offered this type of punting, but for one country, this has become a tradition and way to celebrate their Independence Day. It might not be the hardest game to master, but it still is one.

What Countries?

Australia is known as one of those countries. They celebrate their national holiday by roach racing. It’s not a popular game and is does not fit into the elegance and class of a casino. Every 26th January since 1982, the Story Bridge Hotel in Brisbane, Australia has been hosting races that feature different types of insects.

The story started out with two people on Independence Day. The two strangers were in a local pub celebrating the day then started quarrelling about who’s part of the town had the fastest cockroach. They then decided to settle things in the parking. The whole put attended this event while the two raced their cockroaches.

The Big Day

On the big day, the head race steward holds a plastic container over the roaches to get their blood pumping. The mob gets cheering and soon the roaches are released! They scuttle everywhere while the stewards keep their eyes on the leading three roaches. Sometimes roaches escape the arena and scatter into the crowd causing havoc! But eyes are still kept on the other racing roaches.

While this remains a tradition in Australia, Let us wait and see what other games the world will come up with.

Master Caribbean Stud Strategies

Master Caribbean Stud Strategies

Caribbean Stud has a fair house edge in comparison to many other table games. It makes you want to grab a cocktail and enjoy what’s happening in front of you. This is because of the large progressive jackpot side bet that is available to players at most live and online casinos. This bet can normally offer $100,000 or more if a player hits the royal flush.

In order to play the side bet, you’ll need to make a normal wager on each hand as well. While many players choose to play their Caribbean hand thoughtlessly, a small strategy can go a long way in lowering and casino’s advantage.

In Caribbean Stud Poker, there’s only one point during each hand where players get to employ their strategies. This comes when a player chooses whether to fold, ending the hand or making a raise and continuing the hand.

Golden Rules

While playing this type of poker, there are two simple key rules that removes most of the house edge:

  • If you have a pair or better, it’s advisable to raise.
  • If you have less than both ace and king, it’s better to fold.

All of the difficult choices come when you have a hand of exactly the ace-king high. There are the cases where your cards are generally higher than the card that the dealer is showing. That’s a sign that you should decide to raise instead of fold.  In addition, if you match the dealers up card, it makes it likely that the dealer will make a pair, suggesting you raise!

5 Most Expensive Cocktails In Las Vegas

5 Most Expensive Cocktails In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its providing luxurious treatment and VIP experience to its guests visiting the numerous casinos. But when it comes to serving the drinks, your wallet can most probably shy away from the below top expensive drinks. Those who want to avoid having a hole in their pocket would perhaps prefer sticking to the usual beers.

Menage a Trois

Jokes apart, the Menage a Trois might well be the high-flyers version of the much popular Sex on the Beach for anyone ordering it. At nearly $3,000 for just a bottle, this cognac and champagne blend is no laughing matter. Its name is mainly based on three ingredients known as Cristal Rose Champagne, Grand Marnier Liqueur, and Hennessey Ellipse Cognac. When served, this cocktail is decorated with 23 carat gold flakes and liquid gold syrup! Tryst located at Wynn Las Vegas is reputed for selling this unique cocktail.

Fizz Deluxe

Although its name might not be too attractive, sounding more like a regular brand drink, the Fizz Deluxe is certainly a top beverage that glows with opulence and class. It is certainly not any cheap drink that you can pick from the low budget aisle at any supermarket. A bottle of this drink will cost you not less than $2,500. Its name is derived from the venue where you can actually find it; it’s the Fizz champagne lounge and bar at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

High Limit Kir Royale

If you are looking for a drink that is somewhat fruiter than most high-end drinks, you might want to check the High Limit Kir Royale that can be found in the Teatro Euro Bar at the MGM Resorts. Costing around $2,200 for a bottle, this drink is not only one of the of the most expensive one on the Strip, but it is also one of the most delicious. Its key ingredients include Grand Marnier Cent Cinquantenaire, Louis Roedererr Cristal Rose champagne, and Hardy Perfection Cognac.

Five Star

Costing a massive $5,000, the Five Star is one of the above average price drink that is served in XS at Encore. If you are wondering where this drink got its name, it’s simply from the standard of service that is offered at the casino of Wynn Las Vegas. It is a blend of numerous high class mixes, including Benedictine Black Monk 500th Anniversary Edition, Martini Gran Lusso 150th Anniversary Vermouth, Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.6, Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23 Yrs.

The Ono

Available at XS at Encore, The Ono is uncontestably the most expensive drink that you can have in Las Vegas. Costing not less than $10,000 for a bottle, this drink is said to have got its name from the famous Yoko Ono. The devastating effect that she had on The Beatles is said to be similar to the bank balance of those purchasing this drink.  While buying The Ono, you are also offered an 18-carat gold chain for women and a sterling cufflinks of the exclusive XS brand for men.

Hardest Games to Master

Hardest Games to Master

Despite that poker is a game that can quickly be learned, it takes a whole lot of time to excel in it. But, there are other games which are even more difficult to master. So, let’s get away for the poker table for a while, and check out the hardest game to master.


Go originated from Ancient China, and is believed to have started more than 5,000 years ago. Thus, it is the oldest board game which is still played nowadays. The main game of this game is to gain more territory than your opponent. Played on a grid of black lines, the board of this game is usually 19×19. The pieces used for the game are called stones, and are played on the intersections of the grid’s lines. Once a stone has been added to the grid, it cannot be removed. However, the opponent can capture the stone when their stone is orthogonally-adjacent. Go is a hard game to master as the game’s possibilities are limitless. Plus, the game goes on until both players no longer wish to make another move.


Considered as the hardest card game, Bridge is played by four players on two teams. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Bridge is a brain-teaser game as each round is made of 13 tricks. The first trick starts with the leading player, or when the first card is played. The player which holds the highest ranked card wins the game. The aim of the game is to correctly guess how many tricks the partnership can climb up to. The team which make the correct prediction wins points, but the wrong guess gains the team a penalty.


Everyone must have heard of the Chess game, but not everyone knows how to play it- let alone master it! This strategic board game is played on a chessboard which is made of 64 squares placed on an 8×6 grid. Played between two opponents, each player has 16 pieces: 8 pawns, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops, a Queen and a King. And each of these pieces have a unique way of moving across the board. The goal of this game is to checkmate the other player’s king- a position which restricts the king from any escape. This game is so difficult to master as you cannot predict the opponent’s moves, as there are thousands of combinations of moves. Plus, you must counter the moves of the opponent.

If you want to learn about other interesting facts, you can read the Overview of Roulette Facts at

Slot Games Inspired by Oktoberfest

Slot Games Inspired by Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival in the world. The celebration is held annually in Munich, Germany and runs from 16 to 18 days. It normally starts running from mid-September to the first week of October. Every year, more than six million people make their way to the famous city.

Since Oktoberfest is one of the most popular festivals held in the world, game providers have made it possible for punters to play Oktoberfest themed online slot games. Here are a few…

Oktoberfest Themed Slots

Heidi at Oktoberfest- Red Rake Gaming

Make your way to one of the most celebrated festivals in Heidi at Oktoberfest slots. Heidi, a beautiful Bavarian maiden is attending and will help you win big! You will find the 5 reels and 50 paylines encased with symbols like: beer steins, booze barrels, snacks and Heidi herself. Get your hands on the free spins feature by landing five Heidi symbols anywhere on the reels and you’ll be awarded with 5 free spins. The more symbols you land, the more free spins you’ll receive.

Bier Haus- WMS Gaming

Massive beer mugs, beautiful maidens, accordions, bier steins, nuts, and German castles. This is a 5 reel and 40 payline slot game which is packed with the free spins feature allowing you to get up to 80 free spins! Have beer ladies land on your reels as sticky wilds to grant rewards and enhance you winning potential.

Oktoberfest Madness- Bwin.Party

No need to go far when you have Oktoberfest Madness slots around. This is a 5 reel and 25 fixed payline game where you’ll be surrounded by Bavarian beauties, German shepherd dogs, frankfurters, beer packs, beer mugs and the low card symbols. Enjoy refill spins, wild symbols, expanding wilds and bonus games!

Play “Bier Haus” and “Oktoberfest Spins Jackpot” at Vegas Spins. Get into the beer festival mood where you are sure to have a blast!

Overview of Roulette Facts

Overview of Roulette Facts

Roulette has an extravagant history that has stretched to almost 200 years ago. Did you know? This exciting game for many is also known as the king of all casino games. It is all about odds, house edges and results.

The wheel was invented by Blaise Pascal… by mistake! He was a physicist and a mathematician who was trying to invent a motion machine but ended up with a roulette wheel. Pascal dared to beat the odds by defying the laws of physics. As his experiment failed, it led to something greater. Today, roulette is known as one of the most classic casino games ever.

The name roulette comes from the French word “roule” that means “roll.” It is a wheel that contains numbers 1-36 in alternate red and black pockets. They also have either one of the two zero pockets 0 or 00. The single zero wheel’s common place is outside the Americas, where the double zero is favoured.

Roulette Facts

  • Roulette is known as the “Devils Game.” The reason is because when all numbers on the wheel are added, no matter what the variant is, they all add up to 666.
  • 50/50 chance to hit the same number consecutively. The chance of hitting the same colour up to ten times is 1 in 1024. The biggest record of this happened in the UK, where red hit over 36 times in a row.
  • Drinks are not allowed at roulette tables. Even though you get to take them with you to blackjack or baccarat tables, with roulette it’s a no-no. It is considered to be rude.
  • The most common numbers played at the roulette table are 17 and 22. 17 because it is located in the middle of the table.22 because the eye is automatically drawn to it. Also, because the 007 agent played on these two numbers in one of the James Bond movies.
  • Joseph Jagger broke the bank at Monte Carlo. Jagger is otherwise known as one of the first people who believed that not all roulette wheels were completely random. He had six clerks accompany him to a casino where he spun six wheels. There, he won £60,000 which is equivalent to £3,000,000 in today’s money.

Roulette is an equal opportunity game. Even though it has a reputation of dominating the male population, 46% of its players are females.