Dominic LoRiggio- Man with The Golden Arm

The “Denominator” and “The Man with The Golden Arm” are the names Dominic LoRiggio also goes by. He took craps courses when he was younger and later developed it. Through years of practice, he learnt “controlled shooting.” This technique helped him get the rolls/results he needed to land in a game of craps. Which resulted in winning.

The Winning Technique

The method involved setting the dice in a certain way;

  • Holding them precisely.
  • Tossing them so they stay together.
  • Having them land against the back wall of the craps table gently.

How He Began His Streak

He began with a dice expert in a team known as the Rosebud. Together, they were the first to attack the Vegas strip with their unique way of shooting. Till this day, many people think that controlling the dice while shooting is impossible. Dominic says that it is possible with a simple understanding of physics.

Dominic eventually left the group because he felt their adherence and low betting was stopping him from making some money. He later teamed up with famous punter and writer, Frank Scoblete. By using his controlled shooting, the duo claimed thousands of dollars at a number of casinos.

Although Dominic’s tactics were not illegal, thanks to him a lot of casinos now identify controlled shooters by having them roll the dice once or twice. Dominic now conducts dice throwing lessons to anyone who would like to learn. After all, it’s not one of the hardest games to master.