Mystery Brit Wins $1.75 Million In Las Vegas

Mystery Brit Wins $1.75 Million In Las Vegas

A very lucky British man has revealed a secret filming of his jackpot winning spree in Las Vegas while spinning $5,000 on a slot machine. The video that is shared online, shows a player by the name of Nick laughing to himself as he gets lucky four times on ending his spree with $1.75 million.

The streak that happened in the Aria Casino resort can be seen towering above Las Vegas.  This video begins with the high roller punter smiling next to the slot machine. He’s showing that the slot machine just paid out $1 million.  Nick then points to the winning combo and says “3 white sevens. $1 million… Lovely.”

He laughs, then before the camera cuts, another jackpot payout. This time you can see him collecting an additional $400,000.  You can hear someone asking him what time it is and he says “7:30am.” The video then continues to show Nick winning two more huge payouts. His final win then comes in and he says “lovely jubbly” to another $400,000 win.

When Nick manages to reel in his third and fourth win, his female friend can be heard chuckling in the background. The date this video was filmed cannot be determined, but is very genuine. As filming is banned in most Las Vegas casinos, some don’t mind punters showing off big wins as it is great publicity.

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Las Vegas Hotels Undergoing Renovations

Las Vegas Hotels Undergoing Renovations

If you’re planning to go holidaying in Las Vegas, then you’ll be more than pleased to know that eight hotels on the Strip, are due to undergo renovations. Eight hotels and over thousands of hotel rooms are getting upgraded to more classy and luxurious suites.

Where Are The Investments Taking Place?

In total, there are 9,000 rooms that will undergo the upgrade and over $500 million is being invested in this change. Renovations will take place before the end of the year at the famous hotels. The hotels that are going through massive changes are:

  1. Monte Carlo,
  2. Flamingo
  3. Planet Hollywood Resort
  4. Caesars Palace
  5. Harrah’s
  6. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
  7. Bally’s
  8. Palazzo

Caesars Entertainment Corp has led the way and has invested $350 million in upgrading 4,500 rooms this year. During the last two weeks, they announced the completion of renovation of 1,181 rooms at the Palace Tower. Cosmopolitan is currently undergoing changes in about 2,800 at the cost of $150 million while the Palazzo will be done upgrading 2,876 rooms by January.

Why Are They Undergoing This Massive Change?

The renovations work is because of the hotel occupancy and room rates that continue to rise along, the Strip. Occupancy was at 92% from January 2017 to August 2017. This change means that the hotels will charge more per room and will offer a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Loyal customers have a chance to stay in the new rooms if they have enough loyalty points.

If you’re off to Las Vegas, you have a better chance to stay in luxurious rooms with more entertainment and enjoy a lovely cocktail!